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0063 [PDF] Publication information for a 514-page book about residential construction, design, and systems.

A very useful general book about homes. First published in 1973, 3rd edition 1998. A comprehensive resource covering all aspects of single-family homes. Discusses the entire resi... click to read more

0064 [PDF] Publication information for a 259-page book about expansive soils and the problems they cause in foundation and pavement engineering.

A rather technical book probably not for the general library, especially since it sells for over $100 both new and used. However, if one can ... click to read more

0065 [PDF] Publication information for a 255-page book about diagnosing and repairing house structure problems.

A very good book without being overly technical. Chapter headings: Identifying Problems and Repairs, Foundations, Foundation Walls, Exterior Walls, Interior Walls and Ceiling... click to read more

0066 [PDF] Publication information for a 152-page book about American architectural styles.

Ever wonder just exactly what someone means when they describe a building as “Beaux-Arts” or “Italinate” or “Romanesque Revival” or “Art Deco”? Now you have a book that can tell you. This fascin... click to read more

0067 [PDF] Publication information for a 380-page book with CD-ROM on compliance with the subject building code.

Code books are not interesting reading by any stretch of the imagination. This book, though, is an interesting code compliance book in that it provides project-oriented chec... click to read more

0068 [PDF] Publication information for a 460-page book about engineering problems relating to structures and soils.

Forensic engineering is the application of scientific and engineering knowledge to legal problems. In other words, someone had a problem that resulted in damaged to their... click to read more

0069 [PDF] Publication information for a 711-page book about electrical codes.

As with all code books, this one is technical, mundane, and sometimes even boring for the general reader. If one can get past all that, though, the information that one needs to determine proper and safe wir... click to read more

0070 [PDF] Publication information for a 208-page book on walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, countertops, trim, stairs, and stairways.

The diagrams and illustrations in this book are very useful; they show a particular detail of the material or process, often going into great detail ab... click to read more

0071 [PDF] Publication information for a 335-page book about old electrical wiring systems.

This book is a great resource for the non-professional. The author is a master electrician and does a good job of explaining to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers how to deal with identifying and ... click to read more

0072 [PDF] Review and publication data for a 157-page technical reference guide. (This is a book review, not the actual book itself.) This guide helps decode the model numbers and serial numbers for furnaces, heat pumps, cooling condensers (air conditioners), and some water heaters. Two app... click to read more

0077 [PDF] Publishing data and book review for a very useful book of 600+ pages about construction methods and materials. The illustrations and pictures alone are worth far more than the cost of the book. If you don’t know the technical term for something, this book will probably answer it.... click to read more

0121 [LINK] Ten essential publications for your concrete and masonry library.


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