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0013 [PDF] 10 Biggest Home-Buying Mistakes.

This contribution to our Library was written by one of our home pros, home inspector Russel Ray, of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California.

A one-page document which can be used as a public relations release. Simply add bus... click to read more

0014 [PDF] 10 most common do-it-yourself mistakes.

This contribution to our Library was written by one of our home pros, home inspector Russel Ray, of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California.

The standard rule for do-it-yourself projects is that they will take twice a... click to read more

0015 [PDF] Fourteen steps to reduce your risk of identity theft.
Contributed by Russel Ray, a home inspector in San Diego, California,

0016 [PDF] Seventeen ways to save energy.
Contributed by Russel Ray of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California,

0017 [PDF] Be safe while selling your home.
Contributed by Russel Ray of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California,

0022 [PDF] Is that going to last?

0023 [PDF] New home or used home? Which one's right for you?

0024 [PDF] Should I stay or should I go? Remodel or move?

0025 [PDF] The top six benefits of owning a home

0026 [PDF] Thinking about buying a house? When to say no.

0027 [PDF] Tips for a mold-free home

0028 [PDF] Want to feel a little more secure in your own home? Think more like a criminal.

0029 [PDF] Want to get a big return on your home improvement investment?

0062 [PDF] This is my generic gift check. I also have modified versions of this gift check where the check issuer's name and address is personalized:

1 - a real estate brokerage,
2 - a Realtor's name and the brokerage name and address,
3 - a Client's name and address.

0079 [PDF] Spring has sprung.

0080 [PDF] Seasonal maintenance planner.

0081 [PDF] Radon information.

0082 [PDF] Testing for mold not always wise or necessary.

0083 [PDF] It's the liability.

Three personal interest stories about home inspections and subsequent liability.
Contributed by Will Decker, a home inspector in Skokie, Illinois.

0084 [PDF] Being helpful pays big dividends.

Personal interest story about being helpful to Clients calling with complaints.

Contributed by Russel Ray, a home inspector in San Diego, California.

0132 [PDF] A useful 5-page document explaining the differences between "claims made" and "occurrence" professional liability insurance policies. Also discusses what to consider when changing policies and carriers, as well as "tail" coverage.
A must read for every home inspector.

0200 [DOC] This is the appointment sheet that I use in my home inspection business to schedule inspections.

0206 [PDF] A very good article explaining what home inspection reports mean when they recommend further evaluations or further invertigations, and the problems that can result from ignoring such recommendations.

0208 [PDF] Home inspection pre-closing walk-through checklist.

This contribution to our Library came from one of our home pros, home inspector James Eubank, of Eubank Inspections in Colorado.

It has 43 questions or areas that you should ask, look at, or look for during your final ... click to read more

0209 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

Heating maintenance checklist (and reasons).

0225 [DOC] Client satisfaction survey.

This is my own modification of the NACHI Client Satisfaction Survey.

0226 [PDF] Spare time on your hands? Earn FREE About Homes subscriptions, FREE About Homes "home pro" listings, and even some extra cash by doing some easy work for About Homes. Requires a verifiable NACHI membership number.

0227 [PDF] Disclosing defects early saves hassles later.

Here's an article that you might be able to use to help you sell pre-listing inspections.

0228 [PDF] Wired for trouble.
Newspaper article discussing the problems with old wiring and faulty wiring, warning signs, what to do, and advice if you're buying a home.

0229 [PDF] Having trouble selling your services because you're too nitpicky or too thorough?
Here's a useful article from a nationally syndicated column that just might help you.

0249 [PDF] This is a sample water heater page from my free appliance package that my Clients can request from me once they have closed escrow and moved in.

0251 [DOC] This document has 57 defect pictures and explanatory captions. I take this to home inspections to give my Clients something to look at while I do my job. It is a Word document so you can replace my company information with yours, use your own pictures, etc.
4.05 MB

0274 [PDF] Illegal bedroom comes back to haunt home buyer
This is an article from a nationally syndicated newspaper column concerning a garage that was converted into a bedroom without appropriate permits. It also explains how necessary it is not to rely on seller and Realtor disclosures a... click to read more

0299 [PPT] This one-page PowerPoint presentation discusses corrosion and is part of Russel Ray's Interactive Report System CD for his home inspection Clients.

0306 [PDF] Lennox model and serial number system.
Detailed explanation of the systematic numbering system that Lennox uses for all of its products.
14 pages, 1.3 MB

0316 [JPG] This is my personal reply to a Realtor who called to ask me to pay $250 to be on the Preferred Vendor List for her office. She and I used to get along very well, she and I having started in our respective businesses at the same time. Since I declined her invitation two years ago,... click to read more

0351 [PPT] If you've ever been asked by a Client or Realtor "How much will it cost?" to repair or replace something, you need to read this two-page PowerPoint presentation written by Russel Ray of Buyer Peace of Mind in San Diego.
This is the "Cost to Repair" section of Russel's Interactiv... click to read more

0433 [PDF] Limiting liability under a contract. Although this memorandum is from a Toronto company, it's a useful document that explains contracts and clauses that limit liability.
5 pages, 89 KB

0478 [PPT] Consumer Product Safety Commission research.
This is part of Russel Ray's Interactive Report System that has detailed, step by step instructions to teach his Clients how to search for product recalls and safety concerns. It also takes them through the process of well subscribing... click to read more

0547 [XLS] This is a basic business tracking database. Available only to NACHI members.

0999 [PDF] A description of Russel Ray's six most popular inspection types, including sample pricing.
4 pages, 137 KB

1000 [DOC] Home inspection narratives for NACHI members.


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