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0011 [PDF] Span tables for joists and rafters.

This file is a 52-page guide from the American Forest & Paper Association (formerly the National Forest Products Association) and contains guidelines for proper spacing and supporting for floor joists and roof rafters. 1993 & 2004.
Chaper h... click to read more

0063 [PDF] Publication information for a 514-page book about residential construction, design, and systems.

A very useful general book about homes. First published in 1973, 3rd edition 1998. A comprehensive resource covering all aspects of single-family homes. Discusses the entire resi... click to read more

0064 [PDF] Publication information for a 259-page book about expansive soils and the problems they cause in foundation and pavement engineering.

A rather technical book probably not for the general library, especially since it sells for over $100 both new and used. However, if one can ... click to read more

0065 [PDF] Publication information for a 255-page book about diagnosing and repairing house structure problems.

A very good book without being overly technical. Chapter headings: Identifying Problems and Repairs, Foundations, Foundation Walls, Exterior Walls, Interior Walls and Ceiling... click to read more

0066 [PDF] Publication information for a 152-page book about American architectural styles.

Ever wonder just exactly what someone means when they describe a building as “Beaux-Arts” or “Italinate” or “Romanesque Revival” or “Art Deco”? Now you have a book that can tell you. This fascin... click to read more

0068 [PDF] Publication information for a 460-page book about engineering problems relating to structures and soils.

Forensic engineering is the application of scientific and engineering knowledge to legal problems. In other words, someone had a problem that resulted in damaged to their... click to read more

0075 [LINK] A technical, industry-oriented web site about welding, but there are useful articles scattered throughout the site, particularly in the publications section. The safety and health fact sheets are very useful for anyone doing welding, especially the do-it-yourself home owner. Some... click to read more

0077 [PDF] Publishing data and book review for a very useful book of 600+ pages about construction methods and materials. The illustrations and pictures alone are worth far more than the cost of the book. If you don’t know the technical term for something, this book will probably answer it.... click to read more

0096 [PDF] Fiberglass insulation.

Information about fiberglass insulation, its specifications and installation.

0105 [MHTML]
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Installing insulation in attics.

Nice one-page installation instructions, with photographs.

0107 [LINK] Concrete information

Web site for a non-profit trade association for the concrete profession. Most material is for members, manufacturers, and distributors, but there is some useful information for the general consumer.

0120 [LINK] This trade association web site provides technical publications, abstracts, books, etc., about concrete and its many uses. Some of the material is reserved for members or offered at higher prices for non-members.
Much of the web site is very technical and is probably useful for ... click to read more

0121 [LINK] Ten essential publications for your concrete and masonry library.

0125 [JPG] Cantilever spans.
Graphic showing maximum cantilever spans for floor joists.

0146 [MHTML]
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The art of ventilating.

Great web site for information about engineered ventilation in homes.

Bath fans, multi-port ventilators, exterior mount fans, multi-purpose inline cabinet and duct fans, dryer boosters and venting accessories, range exhausts, hood liners, continu... click to read more

0147 [MHTML]
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Web site providing a variety of literature regarding fiberboard products and their uses.

Sound-deadening board, fiberboard roofing substrate, fiberboard sheathing, specialty applications, sound transmission class (STC).

0150 [LINK] Web site for everything related to wood, including codes, conference, high wind guides, span tables, fire standards, fact sheets, technical guides, etc.

0151 [LINK] Trade association web site paper and wood industries.

0157 [LINK] Web site for a trade association of over 2,000 manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors in the wall and ceiling industry, including interior and exterior walls, acoustic systems, ceiling systems, drywall systems, exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS), fireproofing, fl... click to read more

0168 [LINK] Houses that work: House design recommendations by climate region.

Interesting article about energy efficient homes for different climates, including updated North American hygro-thermal regions map, climate-specific best practices, three building profiles per climate, and a ... click to read more

0169 [LINK] Web site for a Boston consulting firm that focuses on preventing and resolving problems relating to building design, construction, and operation, with expertise in moisture dynamics, indoor air quality, and building failure investigations.

0170 [PDF] Type B gas vent installation instructions.

20-page guide applying specifically to Simpson Dura-Vent but illustrations and general information can be useful to anyone installing Type B gas vents.

0172 [LINK] Insulating systems for cathedral ceilings, by a major manufacturer of insulation products.

0177 [PDF] An 82-page booklet (1.53 MB) about the design, construction, and performance of closed crawl spaces.

Major sections: Recommended design components, Implementing a closed crawl space, Sample designs and construction process, Building codes, Improving wall-vented crawl spaces,... click to read more

0184 [PDF] Common engineering problems in frame construction.

From undersized nails to overloaded trusses, here's an 8-page document that looks at what builders get wrong when they wing it without an engineer. Interesting discussion on joist-hangar nails that are not meant for installi... click to read more

0188 [PDF] Crawl space ventilation.

Interesting document from the USDA Forest Products Laboratory about the advantages and disadvantages of crawl space ventilation, particularly in certain areas of the country.

0191 [LINK] Weatherproofing solutions for wood, masonry, and concrete.

0195 [PDF] A 22-page (.99 MB) do-it-yourself guide to sealing air leaks and adding attic insulation.

Learn how to find and seal attic and basement air leaks. Determine if your attic insulation is adequate, and learn how to add more. Make sure your improvements are done safely and resul... click to read more

0199 [PDF] Nice two-page graphical illustration of a home's structural framing.

0220 [LINK] Building a home with concrete: concrete home contractor locator, construction process, optimizing energy efficiency, home plans, flat wall forming system, insulated concrete forms (ICF) and ICF basements, ICF systems, noise reduction, repair and maintenance, famous concrete homes... click to read more

0223 [LINK] How to build high quality slabs on grade: why build a high quality slab on grade, subgrade, calculating water to cement ratios, proper curing, types of foundations, special considerations for hardscape, placing control joints, foundation construction process, preventing concrete ... click to read more

0224 [PDF] Concrete cracks and how to prevent them.

This article explains good concrete management and explains the common problems that cause concrete to crack.

Many people say that the definition of "concrete" is "cracks" or that there are two types of concrete, that which is cracke... click to read more

0246 [PDF] How to protect yourself and others from burns while welding.
24 KB

0262 [MHTML]
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19 steps for building stairs on site. Simple checklist for avoiding costly errors when rough-framing a stairway.

0268 [MHTML]
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This is the title and links page to Word and PDF files from the HUD document "Part 3280—Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards."

0272 [PDF] Framer's pocket guide to the True Joist Frameworks building system
Includes allowable holes; end, intermediate, and cantilever support; beams, headers, and studs; bearing plates, squash blocks, and rims; floor system; Silent Floor joist framing; floor panel fastening; rim boar... click to read more

0282 [PDF] Energy savers: Tips on saving energy and money at home.
This document comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. The thermograph picture of heat loss from a house (p. 3) is worth, as they say, a thousand words. Has a list of easy low-cost and no-cost tips, discussion about insula... click to read more

0294 [PDF] Behavior of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in a fire.
Stages of a building fire, fire retardants, heat release, smoke, flame spread, toxicity, contribution of pentane, melting and droplets, protective coverings, residues, storage.
10 pages, 278 KB

0297 [PDF] Common defects in new home construction.
A detailed list of common defects experienced by homeowners, including inadequate warranties and inadequate performance standards and contractual obligations.
Foundations, other concrete, tile, carpet, flooring, exterior, windows, paint,... click to read more

0298 [PDF] Dusting concrete surfaces.
Dusting (also called chalking) is the formation of loose powder resulting from the disintegration of the surface of hardened concrete.
Why it happens, how to prevent it, how to repair it.
2 pages, 294 KB

0304 [PDF] Insulation and your home: The Icynene insulation system.
Discusses air leakage, indoor air quality, moisture management, sound control, energy conservation, and green buildings.
12 pages, 1.9 MB

0308 [PDF] Typar HouseWrap warranty.
2 pages, 826 KB

0309 [PDF] Selecting and installing insulation materials.
Discusses R-value, loose-fill (cellulose fiber, fiberglass, slag and rock wool, mineral wool, vermiculite, batts and blankets, rigid plastic foam (polystyrene, polyisocyanurate), spray-applied products (urethane, cellulose), and ref... click to read more

0310 [PDF] Water management details: House wraps, flashings, and windows.
Controlling rain and ground water is the most important factor to designing a durable building. This document discusses controlling water by ensuring that it is drained
down and out of the building and assemblies. C... click to read more

0376 [PDF] Fire Block Sealant FB 136.
Description, applications, specifications, performance (physical and fireblocking properties, fireblocking code requirements), installation techniques, limitations, maintenance, availability. 3M
3 pages, 84 KB

0383 [PDF] How your house works: Framing.
Building homes with wood is a particularly North
American thing; most of the other developed countries
build with concrete, steel and stone. This document shows you how a wood-framed house is built. Framing variations, floors, roofs, lumber sizes... click to read more

0395 [PDF] Green Building Treatise.
Science, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, systems integration. A green architect or builder must be a student of science first; great buildings will follow.
1 page, 126 KB

0406 [PDF] Termite FAQs for homeowners.
2 pages, 963 KB

0419 [PDF] Insulation.
Prior to insulating, how much insulation to use, where to insulate (illustration), kinds of insulation (blankets, batts, blown-in, loose fill, foamed-in-place, rigid insulation, reflective insulation), basement, exterior and interior methods, attic and ceiling, floor... click to read more

0420 [PDF] Insulation: A consumer fact sheet.
Document from the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources.
Why should you insulate? The crucial role of thermal insulation. How does insulation work for you? Building a new house: Some things you should know. Does your home need more insula... click to read more

0434 [PDF] 2000 Log building standards.
Foundations, walls, window and door openings, settling allowances, roofs and roof support systems, electrical, plumbing, fireplaces and chimneys.
19 pages, 594 KB

0437 [PDF] Manufactured home inspection checklist: Protect your manufactured home from high winds.
2 pages, 66 KB

0460 [PDF] Home remodel sidetracked by building permit discovery.
An example of what can happen when the permitting process is not done properly.
1 page, 15 KB

0488 [PDF] Scaling concrete surfaces.
Why concrete scales and how to prevent it.
2 pages, 282 KB

0489 [PDF] Fireblocking (firestopping) and draftstopping.
Fireblocking is intended to resist the spread of flames while draftstopping is intended to resist the passage of smoke and gases. Desired locations, accepted materials, balloon framing, soffits, drop ceilings, cove ceilings, stairs,... click to read more

0501 [PDF] Product selector guide from Wood Structures, Inc.
Roof applications, floor applications, roof load worksheet, overhangs and cantilevers, matching existing framing, chimney details, hip roofs, valley truss system, girders, gable ends, scissor trusses, bracing and handling, long s... click to read more

0506 [PDF] Oriented strand board (OSB) fire performance.
1 page, 446 KB

0507 [PDF] Technicians play key safety role after a flood.
Although this document specifically concerns flooding after Hurrican Katrina, it can be applied to any situation where a flood has occurred. Very good information about safety checks, personal protection, legal protection, and when... click to read more

0515 [PDF] Tight homes can affect combustion appliances.
How to determine appliance backdrafting, depressurization, regulations.
5 pages, 457 KB

0519 [PDF] TrusJoist Silent Floor specifier guide.
Design properties and material weights, floor and roof span tables, floor and roof load tables, floor and roof framing diagrams and specifications, rim board installation, cantilevers and reinforcement, fire-safe construction, understandi... click to read more

0520 [PDF] Causes of concrete deterioration.
Materials and workmanship, environmental factors, structural design, maintenance procedures, cracking, spalling, deflection, staining, erosion, epoxy injection.
12 pages, 272 KB

0522 [PDF] Recurring wall cracks.
An excellent discussion on what calls wall cracks at door and window corners, as well as the correct method for repairing them.
2 pages, 38 KB

0523 [PDF] Understanding drainage planes.
Controlling rain is the single most important factor in the design and construction of durable buildings and in the control of mold. Drainage planes are used in the design and construction of building enclosures to control rain.
Flashing, cladding... click to read more

0526 [PDF] Vapor barriers and wall design.
Climate basis for design, vapor permeance characteristics, thermal characteristics, dewpoint test at various relative humidities.
36 pages, 769 KB


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