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0037 [PDF] Corrugated roofing and siding.

Installation instructions for 1-1/4" and 2-1/2" corrugated roofing and siding from Union Corrugating Company. 1998. Chapter headings: Storage, General Installation Information, Safety Precautions, Roofings, Siding, Fastening and Recommended Faste... click to read more

0097 [PDF] Guide to EIFS construction.

A 15-page construction guide.

0098 [PDF] Stucco cracks.

Great information from the a stucco trade association about stucco cracks.

0099 [LINK] Stucco information.

This non-profit trade association promotes the use of stucco by educating building professionals and consumers.

0100 [LINK] Stucco Resource Guide.

This is the web site to order a 171-page stucco resource guide with CD. 75-$95 with $10 shipping.

0158 [LINK] Stucco problems and how to prevent them.

This is a web site full of helpful information about stucco: stucco problems, stucco installation, and stucco maintenance. Great pictures of how stucco should be installed and what can happen when it's not installed properly or when i... click to read more

0173 [LINK] This non-profit association web site is full of information about cedar shakes and shingles for roofs and exterior walls: products, codes, testing, installation, maintenance, FAQs, trade and home shows, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, contractors, literature, homeo... click to read more

0211 [PDF] Three professional testimonials and one consumer testimonial about elastomeric paint, an apparently controversial paint used on stucco.

0245 [PDF] Boulder Creek thin brick installation instructions.
4 pages, 201 KB

0301 [PDF] Hardiplank installation instructions.
Storage and handling, cutting, clearances, kickout flashing, face nailing, blind nailing, caulking, painting, cover chart/estimating guide.
3 pages, 575 KB

0305 [PDF] Guide to inspecting residential brick veneer.
Waterproofing, flashing, weeps, wall ties, nails, anchors, stone accents, chimney caps, and porches and patios. Includes a table of relevant code sections from the 2000 Michigan code.
12 pages, 1.6 MB

0308 [PDF] Typar HouseWrap warranty.
2 pages, 826 KB

0310 [PDF] Water management details: House wraps, flashings, and windows.
Controlling rain and ground water is the most important factor to designing a durable building. This document discusses controlling water by ensuring that it is drained
down and out of the building and assemblies. C... click to read more

0312 [PDF] Vinyl siding installation manual, including vertical and horizontal siding: weather resistance, fire safety, storage and transportation, historic restoration, basic installation rules, cleanup, terminology, materials and tools, estimating worksheet, fasteners, windows, doors, roo... click to read more

0396 [PDF] Hardiplank lap siding installation instructions.
Handling and storage, cutting options, framing requirements, grade clearance, roof clearance, concrete construction, face nails and blind nails, pneumatic fastening, nail type, fastening requirements, EZ Line installation, straigh... click to read more

0482 [PDF] Adhered natural stone veneer installation guide.
Surface preparation, mortar application, stone placement, workmanship, interior uses, mortar/adhesive pros and cons, mortar bonding agents, structural backup wall, flashing/water penetration, movement joints, efflorescence, scuffi... click to read more

0526 [PDF] Vapor barriers and wall design.
Climate basis for design, vapor permeance characteristics, thermal characteristics, dewpoint test at various relative humidities.
36 pages, 769 KB


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