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0142 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

Web site source for water and waste management tanks, as well as other types of septic tanks.

0463 [PDF] How your house works: Plumbing.
The illustration shows typical components and how they’re configured to form the three basic plumbing systems: water supply, waste removal and venting. Also included are simple repairs, maintenance tips, and a look at the gear you’ll need to keep ... click to read more

0493 [PDF] A homeowner's guide to septic systems.
Household wastewater, septic tank, drain field, soil, installation, inspection, maintenance, warning signs of system failure, Do's and don'ts. Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, January 2001.
9 pages, 100 KB


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