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0009 [PDF] Union Corrugating Company installation instructions for 5V metal roof.

Discusses installation, proper storage before installation or of unused materials, safety precautions, fastening patterns, and caulking. 1998 document revised August 2001.

0036 [PDF] Advantage-Lok standing seam panel metal roof installation manual.
Detailed installation instructions from Union Corrugating Company. 2001. Chapter headings: Introduction, Design & Testing, Safety, Delivery & Packaging Options, Storage & Handling, Foot Traffic, Field Cutting, T... click to read more

0085 [LINK] Manufacturer of roof flashing you install from inside the building over the shingles to provide a weathertight seal for vent pipe penetrations.

0093 [PDF] Three-tab shingle installation instructions. A 4-page guide about deck preparation, shingle application, valley construction, fastening instructions, hip and ridge application, precautionary notes, and reroofing over old shingles.

0173 [LINK] This non-profit association web site is full of information about cedar shakes and shingles for roofs and exterior walls: products, codes, testing, installation, maintenance, FAQs, trade and home shows, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, contractors, literature, homeo... click to read more

0174 [PDF] This file has an illustration of saddle flashing, also called a chimney cricket, and an actual picture of an installation at the chimney.
Contributed by Russel Ray, a home inspector in San Diego, California.

0185 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

The elements and your composition roof.

Useful web site with before and after pictures. Information about the effects of pollution, rain, and sun on composition roofs. Helpful information about walking on roofs and using zinc strips to control moss and algae growth.

0186 [PDF] Composition roof makes homeowners sweat.

Syndicated columnists Bill and Kevin Burnett discuss attic ventilation, insulation, and circulation to abate the excessive heat build-up that sometimes results from composition roofing materials.

0231 [PDF] Ameri-Vent installation and assembly instructions for Type B gas vents. 14-page document, 573 KB.

0241 [PDF] Attic and cathedral ceiling venting.
Discusses moisture control, ice dams, shingle durability, and heating and cooling loads.
8 pages, 291 KB

0250 [PDF] Ceiling and attic insulation and ventilation.
Attic ventilation, loose-fill, batts, cathedral ceilings, knee walls, attic access, attic storage areas, radiant heat barriers, powered attic ventilators and associated problems.
4 pages, 136 KB

0252 [JPG] Gas vent termination height requirements.
79 KB

0263 [PDF] Asphalt roofing shingles information sheet
Although this comes from the city of Bloomington, Minnesota, it is very useful for all areas since it has very good illustrations and discusses overlay, tear-off, fasteners, sheathing, roof pitch, underlayment, flashing (vertical wall, ... click to read more

0273 [PDF] GAF installation instructions for Timberline architectural shingles and Sovereign 3-tab shingles.
Useful guide for many other similar roofing materials. Includes sections on roof decks; underlayment; fasteners; wind resitance; hand sealing; Canadian cold weather applications; ... click to read more

0278 [PDF] Simpson Dura-Vent Type B gas vent systems catalog, including diagrams of typical installations, product type and specifications, and rules for safe venting.
40-pages, 4.5 MB

0282 [PDF] Energy savers: Tips on saving energy and money at home.
This document comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. The thermograph picture of heat loss from a house (p. 3) is worth, as they say, a thousand words. Has a list of easy low-cost and no-cost tips, discussion about insula... click to read more

0294 [PDF] Behavior of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in a fire.
Stages of a building fire, fire retardants, heat release, smoke, flame spread, toxicity, contribution of pentane, melting and droplets, protective coverings, residues, storage.
10 pages, 278 KB

0304 [PDF] Insulation and your home: The Icynene insulation system.
Discusses air leakage, indoor air quality, moisture management, sound control, energy conservation, and green buildings.
12 pages, 1.9 MB

0309 [PDF] Selecting and installing insulation materials.
Discusses R-value, loose-fill (cellulose fiber, fiberglass, slag and rock wool, mineral wool, vermiculite, batts and blankets, rigid plastic foam (polystyrene, polyisocyanurate), spray-applied products (urethane, cellulose), and ref... click to read more

0314 [PDF] Concrete and clay roof tile installation manual for moderate climates.
77 pages, 4 MB

0383 [PDF] How your house works: Framing.
Building homes with wood is a particularly North
American thing; most of the other developed countries
build with concrete, steel and stone. This document shows you how a wood-framed house is built. Framing variations, floors, roofs, lumber sizes... click to read more

0422 [PDF] Kozy Kollar. The only roof flashing you install from inside the building overshingles, or similar roofing materials, which forms a weathertight seal for vent pipe
penetrations. Keep out the elements and keep you off the roof.
Marketing document with pictures and benefits.
5 pa... click to read more

0458 [PDF] Skylight installation instructions.
Cutting and framing rough opening, cutting rafters, flashing, water deflector, multiple installation, light shaft, troubleshooting, roof pitch, condensation. Pella, no date.
11 pages, 357 KB

0470 [PDF] Principles of attic ventilation.
A comprehensive guide to planning attic ventilation systems. How ventilation works. Year-round benefits of proper attic ventilation. Dealing with effects of hot and cold weather. Excellent section on ice dams. Moisture problems. Types of vents (f... click to read more

0477 [PDF] Standard requirements for attaching perimeter wood-blocking and metal flashing. Florida Building Code.
14 pages, 484 KB

0483 [PDF] Roof and attic ventilation issues in hot-humid climates.
A 2003 document specifically concerning South Florida. Early history of attic ventilation: Teesdale (1937), Rogers (1938), Rowley (1938), FHA (1942), Britton Crawl Spaces (1947), HHFA (1948), BOCA (1948), Architectural Gra... click to read more

0484 [PDF] Static roof vent installation instructions.
Positioning the vents on the roof. Drilling the guide hole. Outlining the hole. Cutting the hole in the roof. Positioning the base. Securing the base.
1 page, 132 KB

0494 [PDF] Proper installation of APA rated sheathing for roof applications.
Hints related to ventilation, fastening, spacing, roofing, and shingles.
2 pages, 103 KB

0495 [PDF] Application instructions for Timberline shingles.
2 pages, 99 KB

0500 [PDF] BITEC roofing material specifications and details.
Very good construction detail diagrams.
72 pages, 1.8 MB

0544 [PDF] Z-Stop: Life insurance for your roof.
Z-Stop inhibits the growth of moss, algae, and fungus on roofs. It works with any wood, flat tile, metal or composition roof.
1 page, 100 KB


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