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0115 [PDF] Before you dive into swimming pool construction.
A useful 20-page booklet explaining California laws for hiring pool contractors. Discounting the California specifics, a useful guide for anyone considering having a pool built.

0153 [PDF] Guidelines for entrapment hazards: Making pools and spas safer.

A 32-page booklet from the Consumer Product Safety Commission providing safety information to help identify and eliminate dangerous entrapment hazards in swimming pools, wading pools, spas, and hot tubs.

0224 [PDF] Concrete cracks and how to prevent them.

This article explains good concrete management and explains the common problems that cause concrete to crack.

Many people say that the definition of "concrete" is "cracks" or that there are two types of concrete, that which is cracke... click to read more

0253 [PDF] Chlorine generators for saltwater pools.
2 pages, 34 KB

0271 [JPG] Illustration of equipotential bonding at swimming pools.

0465 [PDF] Safety barrier guidelines for home pools.
How to prevent a child from getting over, under, or through pool barriers. Gates. House walls (doors) that form part of the pool barrier. Indoor pools.
10 pages, 487 KB

0469 [PDF] Guidelines for entrapment hazards: Making pools and spas safer.
Body entrapment. Hair entrapment/entanglement. Evisceration/disembowelment. Codes and standards. CPSC guidelines. Entrapment hazards checklist. Applicable standards. General entrapment avoidance information: Multipl... click to read more


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