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0010 [PDF] A 92-page design guide and installation instructions for Omegaflex flexible gas piping. January 2005.
Chapter headings: Introduction, Description of System and Components, System Configurations and Sizing, Installation Practices, Inspection Repair and Replacement, Pressure/Leaka... click to read more

0073 [MHTML]
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Tips for soldering and brazing copper tubing.

Although soldering and brazing are the most common methods of joining copper tube and fittings, they are often the least understood. It is this lack of understanding that can develop into poor installation techniques and poor or ... click to read more

0074 [LINK] This trade association's web site is loaded with information about copper and copper alloy products. Expert engineers evaluate and index reports and articles from around the world for the online copper data center, providing instant access to worldwide technical literature on cop... click to read more

0086 [PDF] Dishwasher air gap.

Contributed to our Library by one of our home pros, home inspector Russel Ray of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California.

A discussion of the purpose of the dishwasher air gap. Good pictures and illustration.

0087 [LINK] This trade association provides information and services relating to natural gas safety, efficiency, and environmental concerns.

0088 [LINK] This manufacturers' trade association provides information about gas appliances, equipment, components, and related products. It sponsors and coordinates consumer education programs to promote the proper installation, maintenance, and use of gas products, and provides the public ... click to read more

0089 [LINK] Order site for a video about guidelines for identifying gas leaks. It highlights practical methods and proper use of electronic gas detection equipment in and around residential gas appliances. 10 minutes in length. Available on CD-ROM or VHS videotape.

0104 [LINK] Safe drinking water.

This trade association's members have a common interest in protecting drinking water from contamination through cross-connections. It is dedicated to education and technical assistance through its network of regions and chapters, and local needs and intere... click to read more

0137 [LINK] Propane information.

This national trade association represents the U.S. propane industry. Their membership includes small businesses and large corporations engaged in the retail marketing of propane gas and appliances; producers and wholesalers of propane equipment; manufactu... click to read more

0138 [JPG] Picture showing a common anti-siphon device on an exterior water faucet.

0140 [MHTML]
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Web site detailing six coordinated class action complaints which allege that ABS pipe manufactured at certain times between 1984 and 1990 by Polaris Pipe Company, Gable Plastics, Centaur Manufacturing, Centaur Marketing (Phoenix Extrusion Company), and Apache Plastics is defectiv... click to read more

0141 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

Frequently asked questions about ABS products.

0152 [MHTML]
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Anhydrous ammonia and propane cylinders.

A safety alert issued by the National Propane Gas Association.

0181 [LINK] Butane and propane

A web site dedicated solely to the butane and propane industry. Offers a print magazine and e-newsletter with information on propane prices, supply demand, regulatory and legislative developments, and news in the industry.

0192 [PDF] Gastite flexible gas piping.

100-page (13.86 MB) design and installation guide for Gastite flexible gas piping.

0198 [PDF] Nice two-page graphical illustration of a home's plumbing system.

0233 [PDF] Informational and technical guide about ABS plastic pipe and fittings.
17 page guide (645 KB) discussing advantages of ABS, specifications, standards, building and fire codes, chemical resistance, installation guidelines, "10 quick installation steps," and common questions and a... click to read more

0243 [PDF] Water contamination through backflow.
Descriptions of known backflow incidents contaminating potable water supply, 1923 through 1995.
159 pages, 452 KB

0259 [PDF] Illustration of an air admittance valve (sometimes called "wet vents") installed under a sink and an actual picture of one installed at the laundry. Includes an explanation of what air admittance valves do.
Contributed by Russel Ray, a home inspector in San Diego, California, click to read more

0285 [PDF] Prevent catastrophic water damage with Watts FloodSafe Auto-Shutoff Connector.
Connectors and technical specifications for faucets, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and ice makers.
12 pages, 570 KB

0336 [JPG] A very good cross-sectional picture of a backflow prevention device (also called a "vacuum breaker") on an exterior hose bib.
91 KB

0344 [JPG] Picture of a "high loop" typically used in kitchen islands and some peninsulas.
46 KB

0352 [PDF] Chemical treatment of water in water heating systems.
1981 research paper.
12 pages, 632 KB

0369 [PDF] The dishwasher exploded.
Pictures and explanation of how a dishwasher can explode.
2 pages, 44 KB

0384 [PDF] Galvanic corrosion.
Good discussion about electrolytic corrosion, electrolysis, galvanic corrosion, dissimilar metal corrosion, stray electrical currents.
2 pages, 143 KB

0398 [PDF] Installation instructions for AQUECOIL hydronic heating units.
The AQUECOIL Hydronic Heating Unit is an appliance that operates in conjunction with the air conditioning or heat pump system and a hot water system.
8 pages, 354 KB

0417 [PDF] Installation of corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST).
13 pages, 321 KB

0436 [PDF] Installation instructions for Manabloc modular manifold plumbing system. For use with Vanguard PEX tubing.
24 pages, 1.1 MB

0454 [PDF] OmegaFlex TracPipe flexible gas piping design guide and installation instructions.
User warnings, applicable codes and standards, technical specifications, system configurations and sizing, installation practices, inspection, repair and replacement, testing, capacity.
94 pages,... click to read more

0455 [PDF] Overfilling prevention devices for consumers
Overfilling prevention devices, or OPD, are safety devices that are designed to provide an automatic means of preventing the filling of a container in excess of the maximum permitted filling limit. Use for propane tanks and other cont... click to read more

0461 [PDF] ZURN PEX plumbing design and application guide.
28 pages, 664 KB

0462 [PDF] QestPEX plumbing system installation guide.
20 pages, 278 KB

0463 [PDF] How your house works: Plumbing.
The illustration shows typical components and how they’re configured to form the three basic plumbing systems: water supply, waste removal and venting. Also included are simple repairs, maintenance tips, and a look at the gear you’ll need to keep ... click to read more

0472 [PDF] ProFlow water softener installation, operation, and maintenance manual. Model 38 S-100, 70 S-100, and 90 S-100.
24 pages, 1.2 MB

0479 [PDF] Dielectric unions.
1 page, 281 KB

0505 [PDF] BOW PEX installation guide.
Cross-linked polyethylene.
30 pages, 209 KB

0525 [PDF] Installation guidelines for Vanguard Vanex PEX plumbing system with Crimpsert insert fittings. SDR-9 PEX cross-linked polyethylene. Revised June 30, 2003. Interesting caution statement on page four.
24 pages, 475 KB.

0545 [PDF] Wobbly toilet a sign of wetter things to come.
Discussion of why a toilet wobbles, how to fix it, and the problems that can result from ignoring the wobble.
3 pages, 96 KB

0549 [PDF] Installation instructions for Watts 210 valves at water heaters.
Note at top of page 2 is useful for home inspectors and indicates that a separate pressure relief valve is required in conjunction with the 210 valve.


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