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0001 [PDF] Energy savings: Getting the most for your money.

Contributed to our Library by one of our home pros, home inspector Russel Ray of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California.

Easy things to do in your home that can save you money through a more energy-efficienc... click to read more

0005 [PDF] General tips and tricks

Contributed to our Library by one of our home pros, home inspector Russel Ray of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California.

General tips and tricks for use around the home. This file is updated regularly. Last updated on 7/16/06. Curre... click to read more

0019 [PDF] Preparing for a home inspection.

This contribution to our Library was written by one of our home pros, home inspector Russel Ray, of The HomeTeam Inspection Service in San Diego, California.

Useful checklist for preparing your home for sale and prior to the buyer's professi... click to read more

0049 [LINK] Web site mostly for appraisers and home inspectors. Diligent reading can uncover gems of knowledge for home owners.

0057 [LINK] Real estate news, tips, and tricks for buyers, sellers, investors, and any type of professional working in real estate. Sign up for a very informative and free email newsletter.

0058 [LINK] This excellent magazine takes the technical and mundane and turns them into articles that all of us can understand. The web site is a great online archive of over 950 articles, easly browsable and searchable. Free email newsletter.

0059 [LINK] Excellent web site for a print magazine about how to make your house look good. Great selection of archived articles, as well as articles in the current print edition. Resource links. Join the House Chat forum where you can talk with others with the same interests, share your exp... click to read more

0075 [LINK] A technical, industry-oriented web site about welding, but there are useful articles scattered throughout the site, particularly in the publications section. The safety and health fact sheets are very useful for anyone doing welding, especially the do-it-yourself home owner. Some... click to read more

0076 [LINK] Authoritative magazine about the welding and metal fabricating industry. News about the latest products, trends, technology and events, cost-saving advice, and full-color photos and illustrations. Regular articles and supplements on testing and inspection, maintenance and repair,... click to read more

0092 [PDF] Information on bees and swarming, Africanized bees, and why bees chose your home for their home.

0094 [LINK] Looking for a new home. Search this major web site for homes for sale nationwide.

0103 [LINK] Radon information.

Web site for the trade association for radon professionals. Lots of helpful information about radon for consumers.

0109 [LINK] This is the trade association for those working in the remodeling industry. Helpful remodeling articles.

0110 [LINK] Home improvement radio show.

This is the web site for Southern California's #1 home improvement radio show. You can call in live or send them questions via their web site. And you can hear them anywhere in the universe on Real Audio.

0113 [LINK] Energy-approved contractors.

This web site lists contractors who are approved for energy rebates.

0114 [LINK] California contractors.

Consumer information about contractors in the state of California.

0118 [LINK] Homeowner associations.

This non-profit educational and resource organization provides guidance on homeowner associations and their shared facilities in condominiums, cluster housing, planned unit developments and open space communities. It serves as a clearing house and resea... click to read more

0119 [LINK] Concrete restoration

Web site for a trade association that seeks to improve the quality of concrete restoration, repair, and protection through education of, and communication among, its members and those who use their services.

0120 [LINK] This trade association web site provides technical publications, abstracts, books, etc., about concrete and its many uses. Some of the material is reserved for members or offered at higher prices for non-members.
Much of the web site is very technical and is probably useful for ... click to read more

0121 [LINK] Ten essential publications for your concrete and masonry library.

0123 [LINK] Home improvement store.

This major home improvement store offers thousands of home improvement guides, tips and tricks, and lots of helpful information in its online "Project Center," including a great "How-to Library," "Buying Guides," "Interactive Design Tools," and "Home Id... click to read more

0139 [PDF] Asbestos in the home.

Publication from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This 8-page publication will help you understand asbestos: what it is, its health effects, where it is in your home, and what to do about it.

Major sections: How to identify materials th... click to read more

0146 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

The art of ventilating.

Great web site for information about engineered ventilation in homes.

Bath fans, multi-port ventilators, exterior mount fans, multi-purpose inline cabinet and duct fans, dryer boosters and venting accessories, range exhausts, hood liners, continu... click to read more

0147 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

Web site providing a variety of literature regarding fiberboard products and their uses.

Sound-deadening board, fiberboard roofing substrate, fiberboard sheathing, specialty applications, sound transmission class (STC).

0151 [LINK] Trade association web site paper and wood industries.

0155 [JPG] Direct vent terminal clearances.

Graphic illustration and table showing proper terminal clearances for direct vents.

0162 [LINK] Web site for a San Diego, California, bee removal company. Some useful information concerning bees and bee removal. Check out "Bee Fact #4."

0175 [PDF] 2-page document containing pictures and information about chimney swifts.

0203 [LINK] Mold information from the government.

A link to government resources about mold, including introduction to mold, basic mold cleanup, 10 things you should know about mold, asthma and mold, floods and flooding, health and mold, homes and mold, indoor air regulations and mold, ... click to read more

0204 [LINK] Restoration and reconstruction services.

Web site for a global leader in restoration and reconstruction services when your home has been damaged from fire, water, wind, or mold. Their services are available 24/7 and a toll-free number is available.

0206 [PDF] A very good article explaining what home inspection reports mean when they recommend further evaluations or further invertigations, and the problems that can result from ignoring such recommendations.

0207 [PDF] This Library contribution came from one of our home pros, home inspector James Eubank of Eubank Inspections in Colorado.

A pamphlet by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Answers such questions as:
What is radon? Why should I be concerned? How common i... click to read more

0208 [PDF] Home inspection pre-closing walk-through checklist.

This contribution to our Library came from one of our home pros, home inspector James Eubank, of Eubank Inspections in Colorado.

It has 43 questions or areas that you should ask, look at, or look for during your final ... click to read more

0213 [PDF] One-page article providing basic help on the types of adhesives available and their best and common uses: craft and woodworking glues (aliphatic resin; white and yellow glues), instant glue (cyanoacrylate, Super Glue), polyurethane glues, construction adhesives, pressure-sensitiv... click to read more

0215 [LINK] Very useful web site about concrete products: countertops, cleaning and sealing, coloring, decorative concrete application tools, forms and forming supplies, overlays and toppings, ready mix and admixtures, repair, reinforcement, stencils and stamping, tools and equipment, traini... click to read more

0218 [LINK] This web site really is everything about concrete: books, how-to guides, buying guides, interior floors, interior concrete, outdoor concrete, foundations (including repair and waterproofing), building with concrete, maintenance, green building, resources, links, online catalogs, ... click to read more

0237 [LINK] Are you a savvy homeowner?
Read this article about renovations and maintenance, and then take their online savvy homeowner quiz.

0274 [PDF] Illegal bedroom comes back to haunt home buyer
This is an article from a nationally syndicated newspaper column concerning a garage that was converted into a bedroom without appropriate permits. It also explains how necessary it is not to rely on seller and Realtor disclosures a... click to read more

0280 [PDF] Eight easy energy tips illustrated with pictures. Pictures and captions are grainy and text is somewhat difficult to read.

0281 [PDF] Energy Policy Act of 2005 and tax credits.
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides a variety of tax credits for homeowners, businesses, and manufacturers for purchase of energy-efficient equipment, completion of new energy-efficient buildings, and improvements to existing buildin... click to read more

0282 [PDF] Energy savers: Tips on saving energy and money at home.
This document comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. The thermograph picture of heat loss from a house (p. 3) is worth, as they say, a thousand words. Has a list of easy low-cost and no-cost tips, discussion about insula... click to read more

0293 [PDF] Professional engineer's guide for the Energy Star label for buildings.
Physical and operating characteristics, energy consumption, thermal comfort, illumination, outside air ventilation, indoor air pollutants.
26 pages, 365 KB

0297 [PDF] Common defects in new home construction.
A detailed list of common defects experienced by homeowners, including inadequate warranties and inadequate performance standards and contractual obligations.
Foundations, other concrete, tile, carpet, flooring, exterior, windows, paint,... click to read more

0381 [PDF] Formulas and facts.
Nice little cheat sheet from Rheem and Ruud with formulas and facts as they relate to water heaters. Water weight, volume, BTU, Kwhr, energy costs, recovery rate (very helpful formulas), and more.
2 pages, 233 KB

0400 [PDF] Home moisture problems.
What causes moisture problems? Symptoms of excess indoor moisture. Indoor and outdoor sources of moisture. Capillary test. Solving home moisture problems. Three kinds of ventilation. Symptoms and solutions to home moisture problems. Fixing drainage proble... click to read more

0459 [PDF] Home permit history comes back to haunt.
Stories about problems resulting when work is done without permits.
2 pages, 561 KB

0460 [PDF] Home remodel sidetracked by building permit discovery.
An example of what can happen when the permitting process is not done properly.
1 page, 15 KB

0487 [PDF] Energy-saving tips, techniques, and recommendations for manufactured homes.
Heating and cooling, duct leaks, lighting efficiency, refrigerator, water heater, reducing solar heat, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, insulation, and lifestyle tips.
45 pages, 1.7 MB

0508 [PDF] Material safety data sheet for odorized propane.
Chemical product and company identification, composition, hazards, first aid, fire-fighting, accidental release, handling and storage, exposure, physical and chemical properties, stability and reactivity, toxocological and ecologi... click to read more


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