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0012 [LINK] Water-wise gardening.

One of the Internet's best sites for information about native plants, drought-tolerant plants, xeriscape landscaping and plants, water-thrifty lawns, water-wise gardening, groundcovers for difficult places, and much, much more. Very informative and useful... click to read more

0055 [LINK] This web site for a Southern California water wholesaler is full of helpful information about water conservation, water-wise gardening, and education programs. Spring and summer conservation tips, commercial tips, residential tips, landscape tips, conservation fact sheet, saving ... click to read more

0056 [LINK] Water conservation.

Web site operated by several Southern California water agencies and provides helpful information about water conservation. Great online gardening class, gardening guide, and knowledge base. If you live in Southern California, you can also find rebates here ... click to read more

0078 [PDF] This 50-page book provides comprehensive advice on managing properties to reduce the chances of wildfire and mudflow disasters.

Chapters include Introduction, The Chaparral Plant Community, Watershed Management Considerations (erosion, soil), Fire Management Considerations, ... click to read more

0136 [PDF] Ant control.
Despite their pesky reputation, ants can be valuable allies in our gardens. Discusses different types of ants and how to control them when they become pests.

0145 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

Web site for a company that makes prefabricated, high-flow soil drainage systems.

0219 [PDF] Concrete driveways: stamping, engraving, coloring, exposed aggregate, sawing, grooving, staining, interlocking concrete pavers, polymers, preparing the subgrade, correct concrete mix, correctly placed joints, proper drainage, reinforcement, proper finishing.

0221 [LINK] Concrete resurfacing: contractor locator, step-by-step process in pictures and text for an actual resurfacing project, decorative overlay options, acceptable surfaces for resurfacing, overview of surface preparation, concrete resurfacing slideshow.

0223 [LINK] How to build high quality slabs on grade: why build a high quality slab on grade, subgrade, calculating water to cement ratios, proper curing, types of foundations, special considerations for hardscape, placing control joints, foundation construction process, preventing concrete ... click to read more

0224 [PDF] Concrete cracks and how to prevent them.

This article explains good concrete management and explains the common problems that cause concrete to crack.

Many people say that the definition of "concrete" is "cracks" or that there are two types of concrete, that which is cracke... click to read more

0242 [PDF] Attracting birds to your yard.
This article discusses not only how to attract the beautiful birds to your hard, but how to discourage the common birds from visiting.
95 KB

0256 [PDF] Redential decks: Permits and construction guidelines under the 2003 International Residential Code (IRC).
Site plan, deck plan, columns and piers, lodger to house connection, cantilevered decks, attaching a deck to a cantilever, joist and beam spans, guardrails, stairs and handr... click to read more

0277 [PDF] Don't plant a pest.
This brochure discusses trees in the State of California which are considered invasive or problematic and suggests better alternatives. Nine "don't plant" species, nine "caution" species, and sixteen "good alternative" species. Pictures, descriptions, and rea... click to read more

0282 [PDF] Energy savers: Tips on saving energy and money at home.
This document comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. The thermograph picture of heat loss from a house (p. 3) is worth, as they say, a thousand words. Has a list of easy low-cost and no-cost tips, discussion about insula... click to read more

0298 [PDF] Dusting concrete surfaces.
Dusting (also called chalking) is the formation of loose powder resulting from the disintegration of the surface of hardened concrete.
Why it happens, how to prevent it, how to repair it.
2 pages, 294 KB

0336 [JPG] A very good cross-sectional picture of a backflow prevention device (also called a "vacuum breaker") on an exterior hose bib.
91 KB

0356 [PDF] Rail-post connections for wood decks.
7 pages, 218 KB

0488 [PDF] Scaling concrete surfaces.
Why concrete scales and how to prevent it.
2 pages, 282 KB

0520 [PDF] Causes of concrete deterioration.
Materials and workmanship, environmental factors, structural design, maintenance procedures, cracking, spalling, deflection, staining, erosion, epoxy injection.
12 pages, 272 KB

0523 [PDF] Understanding drainage planes.
Controlling rain is the single most important factor in the design and construction of durable buildings and in the control of mold. Drainage planes are used in the design and construction of building enclosures to control rain.
Flashing, cladding... click to read more


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