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0166 [PDF] Whirlpool installation instructions for 30" free-standing and slide-in gas ranges.

0194 [JPG] Cross-sectional diagram of a dishwasher air gap.

0216 [PDF] Countertops are one of the hottest trends in the field of decorative concrete. However, countertops have very different aesthetic and performance requirements than concrete underfoot. These are highly visible and tactile surfaces, meticulously crafted and customized to enhance th... click to read more

0217 [PDF] Concrete countertop training class produced a cantilevered countertop that supported 960 pounds,
demonstrating the power of proper reinforcing.

0222 [LINK] Concrete sinks and vessels: find a contractor, pedestal sinks, vessel sinks, integral sinks, choose your sink color, concrete in the power room, FAQs. Very nice photo gallery.

0282 [PDF] Energy savers: Tips on saving energy and money at home.
This document comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. The thermograph picture of heat loss from a house (p. 3) is worth, as they say, a thousand words. Has a list of easy low-cost and no-cost tips, discussion about insula... click to read more

0283 [PDF] ASKO dishwasher installation instructions for model numbers D3250 and D3530.
Tip guard, high loop (note that these models come with a "high loop" already installed at the rear of the dishwasher (pp. 2-3)), grounding, fill strips, testing for leaks, adjusting the leveling legs, s... click to read more

0290 [PDF] GE microwave installation instructions. Includes Spanish version. JVM1490, JVM1790, SCA1000, SCA1001
48 pages, 2.4 MB

0369 [PDF] The dishwasher exploded.
Pictures and explanation of how a dishwasher can explode.
2 pages, 44 KB

0475 [PDF] Owner's manual and installation instructions for GE Disposall food waste disposer.
24 pages, 467 KB


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