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0032 [PDF] Keep the heat in and the cold out.

This contribution to our Library was written by one of our home pros, home inspector Erby Crofutt, of B4U Close Home Inspections in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The article is a list of 19 things you can do to keep the heat in and the cold out, t... click to read more

0047 [LINK] Heating and cooling.

Web site for one of the world's leading manufacturers of residential air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, and air handlers. Find a dealer in your area by entering your zip code. Get information about manufacturer's products. Learn how the components... click to read more

0048 [LINK] Web site for a major North American manufacturer of residential heating and cooling products. Find a dealer by entering your zip code. Good articles on building a new home, adding on to your home, replacing older units, determining the right size unit (load calculation), energy e... click to read more

0072 [PDF] Review and publication data for a 157-page technical reference guide. (This is a book review, not the actual book itself.) This guide helps decode the model numbers and serial numbers for furnaces, heat pumps, cooling condensers (air conditioners), and some water heaters. Two app... click to read more

0101 [LINK] Air conditioning and refrigeration.

A trade association web site that includes helpful information for consumers.

0102 [LINK] Air distribution.

A trade association web site for flexible air duct manufacturers. Purpose is to promote and further the interests of the manufacturers of air distribution equipment and the interests of the general public in the areas of safety, quality, efficiency, and energ... click to read more

0156 [LINK] Air volume and heat pump systems.

Web site for a manufacturer of control systems for zoning, constant air volume, variable air volume, and water source heat pump systems.

0167 [PDF] Improving energy efficiency with Energy Star furnaces. This 2-page document also includes good information on direct-vented furnaces.

0176 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

Choose the right condensing gas furnace. Discussion about high-efficiency and Energy Star furnaces. Good cross-section diagram and how high-efficiency furnaces work.

0196 [PDF] Russell MiniCon air-cooled condensing units.

The MiniCon series of condensing units are suited for use in a variety of applications, including high-density residential complexes. File includes model numbers, performance data, and physical data. Publication No. 502.8 from Jun... click to read more

0209 [MHTML]
We use MHTML files for those web sites that don't fully support PDF creation, thereby cutting off the right side of the page in the PDF file. However, some browsers do not support MHTML files, so download this file at your own risk.

Heating maintenance checklist (and reasons).

0210 [LINK] This web site is for a heating and cooling company in Ohio, but it is one of the most useful heating and cooling web sites I've found. Along with pictures and descriptions of products, there are many explanations of exactly what the product does. They have a toll-free number and ... click to read more

0228 [PDF] Wired for trouble.
Newspaper article discussing the problems with old wiring and faulty wiring, warning signs, what to do, and advice if you're buying a home.

0231 [PDF] Ameri-Vent installation and assembly instructions for Type B gas vents. 14-page document, 573 KB.

0247 [PDF] Cadet electric baseboard owner's guide.
Covers 20 models.
4 pages, 114 KB

0248 [PDF] Carrier installation instructions for single-package rooftop cooling units.
78 pages, 2.4 MB

0252 [JPG] Gas vent termination height requirements.
79 KB

0257 [PDF] Using serial numbers to decipher furnace manufacture dates for Amana, Bard, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Comfortmaker, Day & Night, Fraser, Goodman, International Comfort, Johnston, Lennox, Luxaire, Payne, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Unitary Products, and York.

0258 [PDF] One picture of flexible gas line entering the furnace housing and explanation of why it is improper, and two pictures of flexible gas line terminating outside the furnace housing.
Contributed by Russel Ray, a home inspector in San Diego, California, click to read more

0265 [PDF] Interesting Q&A about electric radiant heating systems, where to use them, and their advantages.

0269 [PDF] Explanation of the new air duct sealing requirements that went into effect October 1, 2005. The average home's air ducts leak abouat 30% of conditioned air outside the home. Issued by the California Energy Commission. Includes exceptions, as well, such as air ducts constructed, i... click to read more

0276 [PDF] Combustion safety.
Presentation at the RESNET conference in San Antonio in 2005. Propane, natural gas, combustion air, guidelines, ignition sources, drafting/venting, open and closed combustion appliances, pressure problems, ductwork, and carbon monoxide.
7 pages, 1.1 MB

0278 [PDF] Simpson Dura-Vent Type B gas vent systems catalog, including diagrams of typical installations, product type and specifications, and rules for safe venting.
40-pages, 4.5 MB

0281 [PDF] Energy Policy Act of 2005 and tax credits.
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides a variety of tax credits for homeowners, businesses, and manufacturers for purchase of energy-efficient equipment, completion of new energy-efficient buildings, and improvements to existing buildin... click to read more

0282 [PDF] Energy savers: Tips on saving energy and money at home.
This document comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. The thermograph picture of heat loss from a house (p. 3) is worth, as they say, a thousand words. Has a list of easy low-cost and no-cost tips, discussion about insula... click to read more

0286 [PDF] Flexible air duct installation guidelines.
8 pages, 1.8 MB

0287 [PDF] Installation guidelines for Williams gravity vented floor furnace. Model numbers 4505621, 4505622, 6005621, 6005622.
18 pages, 1.1 MB

0289 [PDF] Annual maintenance of gas appliances recommended.
Routine maintenance of a home’s appliances will ensure they operate with maximum efficiency, correctly, and safely.
4 pages, 420 KB

0306 [PDF] Lennox model and serial number system.
Detailed explanation of the systematic numbering system that Lennox uses for all of its products.
14 pages, 1.3 MB

0398 [PDF] Installation instructions for AQUECOIL hydronic heating units.
The AQUECOIL Hydronic Heating Unit is an appliance that operates in conjunction with the air conditioning or heat pump system and a hot water system.
8 pages, 354 KB

0452 [PDF] Nordyne owner's manual and installation instructions. Series M1B, M1G, M1M, and M1S.
40 pages, 1.12 MB

0453 [PDF] Installation instructions for Nordyne B3BV series electric furnaces.
8 pages, 106 KB

0464 [PDF] Polaris high-efficiency space and water heating.
Woven metal burner, forced air hydronic heat, radiant hydronic heat.
6 pages, 514 KB

0473 [PDF] R22 replacement status.
The next step in the transition to environmentally safer refrigerants is phaseout of R22. It is the most widely used refrigerant, both in the United States and on a global basis. Its application range in residential, commercial, industrial, and transport ... click to read more

0490 [PDF] Get the facts about SEER.
Airflow, charge, ducts, size.
8 pages, 271 KB

0513 [PDF] The do's and don'ts of venting your gas space heater.
Illustrations of deadly mistakes. Carbon monoxide.
1 page, 363 KB.

0527 [PDF] To be safe, vent by the rules.
Properly venting space and water heating equipment. Appliance category definitions (Category I, Category II, Category III, Category IV).
2 pages, 303 KB

0528 [PDF] Cut heating costs by using a vent-free gas heater, fireplace, stove, or log set.
2 pages, 325 KB


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