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0064 [PDF] Publication information for a 259-page book about expansive soils and the problems they cause in foundation and pavement engineering.

A rather technical book probably not for the general library, especially since it sells for over $100 both new and used. However, if one can ... click to read more

0065 [PDF] Publication information for a 255-page book about diagnosing and repairing house structure problems.

A very good book without being overly technical. Chapter headings: Identifying Problems and Repairs, Foundations, Foundation Walls, Exterior Walls, Interior Walls and Ceiling... click to read more

0068 [PDF] Publication information for a 460-page book about engineering problems relating to structures and soils.

Forensic engineering is the application of scientific and engineering knowledge to legal problems. In other words, someone had a problem that resulted in damaged to their... click to read more

0077 [PDF] Publishing data and book review for a very useful book of 600+ pages about construction methods and materials. The illustrations and pictures alone are worth far more than the cost of the book. If you don’t know the technical term for something, this book will probably answer it.... click to read more

0177 [PDF] An 82-page booklet (1.53 MB) about the design, construction, and performance of closed crawl spaces.

Major sections: Recommended design components, Implementing a closed crawl space, Sample designs and construction process, Building codes, Improving wall-vented crawl spaces,... click to read more

0188 [PDF] Crawl space ventilation.

Interesting document from the USDA Forest Products Laboratory about the advantages and disadvantages of crawl space ventilation, particularly in certain areas of the country.

0189 [PDF] Crawl space moisture control.

An interesting document about the benefits of unvented crawl spaces and conditioned crawl spaces versus vented crawl spaces.

0190 [LINK] A very helpful web site dedicated just to foundation crawl spaces.

Information about moisture damage, closed crawl spaces, products and suppliers, technical reports, and some interesting videos.

0214 [PDF] Homeowners who have basements that can be transformed into living space could be sitting on a goldmine. Realtor surveys show that finishing a basement ranks just behind kitchen and bathroom renovations in maximizing the return on the homeowner’s investment, with the payback somet... click to read more

0223 [LINK] How to build high quality slabs on grade: why build a high quality slab on grade, subgrade, calculating water to cement ratios, proper curing, types of foundations, special considerations for hardscape, placing control joints, foundation construction process, preventing concrete ... click to read more

0224 [PDF] Concrete cracks and how to prevent them.

This article explains good concrete management and explains the common problems that cause concrete to crack.

Many people say that the definition of "concrete" is "cracks" or that there are two types of concrete, that which is cracke... click to read more

0402 [PDF] Homebuyer's guide for foundation evaluation.
Buyer inspection of newly constructed homes.
Buyer inspection of existing homes.
Professional structural inspection of a residential foundation.
Age of house versus degree of movement.
Professional inspections (real estate inspect... click to read more

0444 [PDF] Moisture control in crawl spaces.
Moisture release, site drainage, ground covers, ventilation, indoor air quality.
4 pages, 122 KB


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