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0521 [PDF] Window installation instructions.
Installation instructions for typical wood frame construction for double-hung, single-hung, fixed, casement, sliding, and awning windows.
Handling and storage, rough opening preparation, setting and fastening, integrating to weather resistive b... click to read more

0077 [PDF] Publishing data and book review for a very useful book of 600+ pages about construction methods and materials. The illustrations and pictures alone are worth far more than the cost of the book. If you donít know the technical term for something, this book will probably answer it.... click to read more

0111 [LINK] Efficient windows.

Your gateway for information on energy efficiency for windows. Great, informative web site to help consumers understand window technology and buy the right windows for their location. Covers all 50 states.

0112 [LINK] Window insulation.

Web site for a manufacturer of window insulating products that provide condensation resistance, durability, and energy performance.

0116 [LINK] Energy performance.

Your one-stop shop for fair, accurate and credible information on the energy performance of windows, doors and skylights.

0117 [LINK] Glazing (window glass) information.

Resource for code interpretations and product referral. The driving force in code amendments for the glazing industry.

0282 [PDF] Energy savers: Tips on saving energy and money at home.
This document comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. The thermograph picture of heat loss from a house (p. 3) is worth, as they say, a thousand words. Has a list of easy low-cost and no-cost tips, discussion about insula... click to read more

0310 [PDF] Water management details: House wraps, flashings, and windows.
Controlling rain and ground water is the most important factor to designing a durable building. This document discusses controlling water by ensuring that it is drained
down and out of the building and assemblies. C... click to read more

0522 [PDF] Recurring wall cracks.
An excellent discussion on what calls wall cracks at door and window corners, as well as the correct method for repairing them.
2 pages, 38 KB


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